Sensual Tantra Massage

Get carried away by subtle excitement...


Do you want to surprise your partner with that little bit more?
A sensual tantra duo massage is a total experience for body and mind.
Together you reach a phase of total and deep relaxation through a perfectly synchronous body massage. The unprecedented holistic approach of our professional team releases unprecedented sexual energy. This will rekindle loving and romantic feelings between you and your loved one.
Bring tension or new life into your relationship through this titillating duo massage. Afterwards you can find each other as a couple in all intimacy and privacy. You determine the limits of the intensity of the afterglow. We create the ideal romantic and relaxing environment to optimize the afterglow. As a couple, you grow completely private yourself towards unprecedented intimacy.
During this sensual tantra duo massage, there is a massage with warm oil that can be blissfully distributed over your skin. You will be massaged on comfortable massage tables in a luxurious and attractive environment by a professional team.
The private tantra massage rooms are unprecedented in Europe. They include a top sound system, custom color atmospheres, luxury design interior, rain shower, design private toilet and lounge bed and private cinema room, Duo Jacuzzi or infrared sauna.
For example, you can choose how long you want to enjoy in private and with which experiences you want to supplement the tantra trip without having to leave the private massage room (see extensions below).
See our packages with or without a special overnight stay.

  • Reminisce in your own private Lounge or suite with unlimited use of all facilities: this can always be included for at least 2 hours. We refer to our section 'arrangements' for this.
  • Private brunch in your own private lounge: 30 euros/person
  • Private lunch in your own private lounge: 30 euros/person
  • Private dinner in your own private lounge: 55 euro/person ALL IN (food, dessert, soft drinks, coffee / tea and even the wine and the unique private service are all already included)
  • Bottle of bubbles: 40 euros
  • Bottle of champagne: 90 euros
  • Wine: 30 euros
  • Thirst quenchers: 2 euros
  • Assortment of snacks (nuts, olives, fruit ...): 15 euros/pp (only possible if ordered in advance)
Other wishes?
That's possible!
At Tantraloft it is possible to enjoy completely private and discreetly from the first to the last second! Centrally located at 2 km from the E313 and only 20 minutes from Antwerp and less than 1 hour from Brussels and Eindhoven.

2km away from exit 20 E313
Near the water or in the forest
or with an exclusive skyline
E.: info@tantraloft.be
T.: 0472/760.846


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