Tantra Duo Massage Package

Discover together an unprecedented rhythmic experience in the essence of your relationship

What can you expect from this ultimate synchronous duo tantra massage package?
  • Pre-enjoy with a drink and an intake so that we can tailor everything to your wishes.
  • Relax with the unprecedented synchronous and rhythmic Duo Tantra Massage experience that suits you best. There are different levels (we discuss this in advance) so that you as a couple can always stay within your comfort zone.
  • Afterwards, you can reminisce for a long time in your own private massage lounge.
  • Unlimited use of our sublime sound system.
  • Colors according to your expectations : change the color of the penthouse with a single button. You can pick any color, as many times as you want to.
  • All rooms are 100% acoustic and bathe in unprecedented luxury such as color atmospheres, top sound system, rain shower, infrared sauna or duo jacuzzi, designer sanitary facilities, etc.
  • An unprecedented erotic surprise is waiting for you. It may be taken home for a blissful long afterglow.
  • Discover unprecedented erotic extras, super discreet and with class.
  • Your own private cinema (HD projection from your lounge bed) with top sound and image. Ideal for enjoying an exciting film full of passion and eroticism together.
During the day from Monday until Thursday, Friday with arrival until 14h (school days):
  • 160 euros/person (incl. 3 hours private red bubble)
  • 250 euros/person (incl. 3 hours of private heaven bubble in our exclusive location (1.5 Ha) with Duo Jacuzzi, four-poster bed, starry sky, cinema room, etc.)
  • suppl. 85 euros/person upgrade from heaven bubble to ForestBubble with extra private terraces, private view of your own private forest and floatingbath
  • 480 euros/person -  SkyBubble as an exclusive private wellness penthouse incl. sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, private cinema with stunning skyline, etc.
Fridays with arrival after 14h, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, school holidays, extended weekends or Valentine's periode:
  • 200 euros/person (incl. 3 hours of private red bubble or unlimited use of lounge bed, cinema room, ...)
  • 320 euros/person (incl. 3 hours of private heaven bubble in our exclusive location (1.5 Ha) with Duo Jacuzzi, four-poster bed, starry sky, cinema room, etc.)
  • suppl. 85 euros/person upgrade from heaven bubble to ForestBubble with extra private terraces, private view of your own private forest and floatingbath
  • Saturday evening is only possible in combination with a special overnight stay or an extra suppl. from 40 euros/person.
Upgrade for the evening (no time limit: you can stay as long as you want) : 40 euro/person.

  • Upgrade Duo Tantra Massage to 1.5 hours (highly recommended) - 50 euros/person
  • Special overnight stay - only 50 euros/person!
    Enjoy the whole evening in private with a private cinema and color atmospheres, sleep in and enjoy a private breakfast brought especially for you.
  • Drinks - according to your choice
    Would you like champagne (90 euros), an extra bottle of bubbles (40 euros), unique Nooz wine rosé, red or white (30 euros) or non alcoholic cocktail (15 euros)? Request this in advance and we will prepare it for you before your arrival.
  • Enjoy longer in your own private bubble with unlimited use of all facilities: 20 euros/person/hour (private red bubble) or 40 euros/hour (private heaven bubble).
  • Private brunch or lunch in your own private bubble -  30 euros/person.
  • Private Dinner service - 55 euros/pp all-in (when arriving in the afternoon, this service should always be taken)
    Undisturbed private dining. Everything is prepared for you. The private dinner concept includes: appetizer, main course (free), dessert, coffee/tea, the entire minibar of drinks, a bottle of exclusive Nooz wine and all private service. For the main course, you can choose between a fish, meat or vegetarian dish.
  • Upgrade main course to Private Teppanyaki chilling/sharing dining experience - 30 euros/pp
    Upgrade your main course to the unique teppanyaki dining experience (fish, meat and/or vegetarian), one with nature and completely weather independent all year round. Highly recommended!
  • Upgrade main course to Chilling&Sharing concept - 30 euros/pp
    Upgrade your main course to an exclusive cheese and meat platter or sushi in order to enjoy food and sharing together.
  • Upgrade main course to luxury Fruits-de-Mer dish - 85 euros/pp
    Your main course upgrade to a very extensive Fruits-de-Mer platter, recognized by our guests as the best ever.
  • Upgrade to Private Cooking - 200 euros/pp
    Exclusive private dining with our personal shopping and/or personal cooking services. A personal chef will create a menu of starter, main course and dessert according to your wishes.
  • Unique Nature Experience (completely weather independent) - 95 euros/pp
    An additional atmospheric enjoyment such as the Mystic Water (blissful wood-fired heat source completely private in the middle of the forest) or the Water Oasis (delightful heat jacuzzi in your own playful WaterOasis garden) or the Private Outdoor Sauna (through 11m glass walls of your private design pavilion with infinite views of forest and nature).
  • Personal message - 18 euros
    Send us your text by e-mail and we will make sure your personal message appears as a surprise during your Nooz experience.
  • Personal dessert - 50 euros
    Send us your photo and we will make sure your personalized cake appears as an original surprise.
  • Rose petal service - 20 euros
    Tell us what shape or letters you want to surprise your guest with. We will provide the ultimate surprise when you come noozing.
  • Personal flowers - according to budget
    Let us know which flowers in which colors you want and we'll set them up for you at Nooz. According to your budget.
  • Tantra learning together -  80 euros/hour.
  • Assortment of snacks (nuts, olives, fruit, ...) -  15 euros/person (only possible if ordered in advance).
  • Upgrade from Duo Tantra Massage during the day to the evening - 40 euros/person.
    No time limit: you can stay as long as you want.
Other wishes?
That's possible!
At Tantraloft it is possible to enjoy completely private and discreetly from the first to the last second! Centrally located 2 km from the E313 and only 20 minutes from Antwerp and less than 1 hour from Brussels and Eindhoven.

2km away from exit 20 E313
Near the water or in the forest
or with an exclusive skyline
E.: info@tantraloft.be
T.: 0472/760.846


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