Special overnight stay

Sensual overnight stay without external stimuli


  • Would you also like to give your loved one all the attention?
  • With sensual private experiences?
  • Far away from all external stimuli such as with hotels? 100% quality time for each other?
  • Fully customized with your own color moods and private cinema?

Choose one of our various unique LoveBubbels for an unforgettable overnight stay, together as a couple or with befriended couples. But always completely private and "away from everything".
Tantraloft has 5 locations, each with a completely different interpretation and budget so that there is always a love bubble that suits you.
This goes from very budget-friendly, a bubble with a JacuzziPatio, a bubble with a duo jacuzzi and four-poster bed in an exclusive domain of 1.5 ha, your own private forest "island" of 5000 m2 with a mega Forest bubble including FloatingBath! OR would you prefer the most exclusive SkyBubble with a penthouse on the 21st floor and unprecedented private wellness facilities such as SkyBath, SkySauna, Skyhammam, duo jacuzzi and so much more?

Whatever you choose, Tantraloft stands for 100% quality time for each other with the following guarantees:
  • Exclusive private environment that is miles away from the hustle and bustle of a hotel
  • Never sit down at the breakfast buffet in a stressful way, but a private breakfast with a discreet private service
  • Wake up at your own pace, even until noon you can still sleep or cuddle.
  • Real private cinema experience (with projection!), Cozy from your bed, including BlueRay, Netflix, AppleTV
  • Color atmospheres and music playlists to completely transform your love bubble into your own personal atmosphere
  • Possibility of our unprecedented synchronous Duo Tantra Massage experience in your own love bubble
  • Possibility of private dining in your own love bubble
  • Sublime music system

2km away from exit 20 E313
Near the water or in the forest
or with an exclusive skyline
E.: info@tantraloft.be
T.: 0472/760.846


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