Private Dinner

Completely private erotic dining with all your senses.


Deliciously intimate and erotic dining in an unprecedented luxury setting and completely private. With clothes, dressing gown, naked or in sexy lingerie? You choose.
What can you expect?
  • A unique romantic dinner
  • Completely private in your own luxury private lounge or suite
  • Your own favorite music with top sound system
  • Your own favorite color moods
  • A delicious meal, with a choice between fish, meat and vegetarian
  • Choice of different potato dishes
  • Duo dessert 'Tête à tête'
  • Coffee Tea
  • Soft drink
  • 1 bottle of wine or a fresh smoothie
  • Unique private service

During the day
  • 55 euros/person (private lounge or suite rental not included)
 Evenings and weekends
  • 55 euros/person (private lounge or suite rental not included)

  • Bottle of bubbles: 40 euros
  • Bottle of champagne: 90 euros
  • Extra bottle of wine: 30 euros
  • Extra thirst quenchers: 2 euros
Other wishes?
That's possible!
At Tantraloft it is possible to enjoy completely private and discreetly from the first to the last second! We are centrally located 2km from the E313 and only 20 minutes from Antwerp and less than 1 hour from Brussels and Eindhoven.

2km away from exit 20 E313
Near the water or in the forest
or with an exclusive skyline
E.: info@tantraloft.be
T.: 0472/760.846


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